Smoking. That’s gonna be the hard part. Yes, I’m smoking a cigarette. No, the battle has not been lost. It is a horrible, expensive, demanding habit. 33 years. I cannot believe I have been smoking for 33 years. Stupid little paper tube full of dried up leaves, and it has the ability to keep me on edge, to ruin my mood, to cause stress and anxiety. This is ridiculous.I am angry and needy and stupid. I will find a way to make this work, I have no choice. Dominated by an obnoxious weed. Just stupid.

2 thoughts on “Dammit

  1. Jules! Hang in there! Quitting is hard and you have 33 years of addiction! Give yourself grace! Pray when you feel like you can’t, but God can! He PROMISED that he would make a way out of temptation! I am praying for you! You had 33 years of addiction, I will promise to pray specifically for deliverance for 33 days starting today! Love you!

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  2. Julie,

    I am right there with you! It is the absolute worst habit to break. I am three months smoke free and while there are days that I really want one, the days I don’t are outweighing the days I do. Hang in there! It get’s better. I promise!

    And I am so proud of you for starting the blog! Keep it up!

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