Good day! Meet My Family-

Like the waitress at Cracker Barrel restaurant said so many years ago “What kind of people do you travel with?!”

So I’m at school, early as usual. I survived the morning rush. Skipped my frozen coffee frappe (I started skipping that last week), it’s not too hard to give up when it’s this cold. I don’t need that 400 calories. It’s 34 daggone degrees. Ugh. I, the queen of hot flashes, am wearing jeans and a hoodie today so you know it’s cold.

So I’ll take the time to introduce you to my family. My mother, Barbara, has somewhat advanced Alzheimer’s. Which in itself is very sad, I miss who she was terribly but I am extremely grateful that she is loosening up and being frikking hilarious most of the time. Dad, Walter, is a bit stiff, always business like and somewhat awkward to talk to about sensitive things, but he is always supportive and believes in me and shares great wisdom once I stop crying. Definitely NOT the type to vent to emotionally or give verbal support during an emotional break down, which is why I miss my ‘old’ mom -at least the new version is fun.

My firstborn son, hereby known as Big J, is almost 30 and has certainly put me through my paces over the years and has given me two wonderful grandkids. He has finally settled and is hard working.  B (girl) is eight gonna be nine soon and loves to read and is always quietly observant -thank God at least one loves books! R (boy) is four and quite talkative and energetic, he never stops moving and is way too smart. That one keeps me on edge. M is the children’s mother and is full of life with a laugh that is contagious, steady and sure as the tides of the ocean. I keep these grandchildren overnight once or twice a week and see then often. I’m sure they will be the subject of many stories.

(Later in the day)

Home from school! Way excited about the Dr. appointment coming up and totally dreaming of a new life! I have to fill out a 12 page questionnaire and get it in the mail by tomorrow. Not a problem!

Back to the family- E is my 27 year old daughter, full of piss and vinegar she marches to the beat of her own drum and is cause for much  fun and hilarity. She works hard and is a great mom.  E has given me two grandchildren, Red (girl, 6) who is as dramatic as the day is long and totally precocious and A (boy, 4) who is my special buddy, diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2, he is a cuddle bug and can be quite shy- but when he hugs it is pure joy. Through E’s previous marriage I also have a step-grandson T (10, boy) whom I love. He is quiet and gentle with a huge heart and a quick smile. E is also expecting a little boy in February whom we shall call G.

K is my youngest daughter (17), a senior in High School. and 18 years ago she saved me from a drug addicted lifestyle. Still waters run very deep in this one, she was born an old soul. She wants to be a psychologist and is preparing for college. A quiet joy and a constant fan of my life. She is a child of my Husband.

JD is my youngest son (12), also a child of my Husband. He just started Middle School this year. He is my baby, our surprise baby. LOL. One last gift from God at a much needed time. Cheerful and loving he struggles with ADHD and sometimes requires great patience but  his engaging manner endears him to all.

My Husband died ten years ago, I shall call him Husband. He was a good father, a hard worker, faithful husband, never violent and never cruel – but he struggled with alcohol daily and the resulting mindset led him to take his own life.

These people are intrinsically bound to my life and are probably going to pop up in my writing so you may as well know who they are. I’m not sure how they are going to feel about it- but it’s my blog about my life.

We are not picture perfect, we have flaws, our relationships ebb and flow. Occasionally tempers flare. This is real life not a pretty book, and I am not a pretty person. If you want a fairy tale I can refer you to the Library.

Like the waitress at Cracker Barrel restaurant said so many years ago “What kind of people do you travel with?!”

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