I did it! I survived the gym!

I did it! Took me a while to work up the courage, but I finally left the parking lot and actually entered the gym. I am now a member! I immediately went and did my aqua aerobics. I changed in a bathroom stall, waited until there was absolute silence and crept to the door of the pool area. I was the fattest one there. I kept my head down and did what I went to do. I worked and worked and worked. (PS, my body hurts so bad today!!!) The good news is that I had no difficulty breathing and it’s been a whole month since I’ve touched a cigarette and it is paying off!!!

Afterwards I slunk back to the locker room, saw several naked women and realized I had zero chances of privacy. Hhhhhhhhh. I was unwilling to dress in a bathroom stall so headed for the lockers (I didn’t want to drag a wet suit over a toilet floor). A few kind women stopped me and asked if I had a good time, we made small talk for a few moments and I ducked around the corner of the lockers to an empty area to change. I thought I was going to be alone, but lo and behold a woman came in to use the locker across from me. I was doing the typical shrugging the bathing suit down to my waist while tugging a shirt simultaneously over my head trying to mask the fat. Damned if this woman doesn’t try to start talking to me as I’m panicking trying to figure out how to undress and dress my bottom half. I gave up and avoided eye contact while sitting on my towel, hunching under my over sized shirt to skin out of the suit and tug my undies and skirt on discretely. My clothes only got slightly damp. Lol.

Apparently she has some five step beauty regimen involving applying different creams that takes forever.  She did complement me on my skin and asked me what I use (I only use ivory soap! No creams), she also asked what SPF I use ( I usually don’t use any unless I’m on a beach). She was trying to be friendly, I got her name and some advice about locker rental.  I also got a lot of advice on why I should become a vegan- I don’t see that happening any time soon. I just quit smoking, no way I’m giving up meat and dairy right now. I also learned she has a great disdain for the trainers, I need to form my own opinion about that- I’ll take any help I can get and a six week training period came with the membership so I’m gonna use it.

I met my parents for a triumphant salad lunch afterwards. I had never been to Salad Works and it was really good! Mom is getting worse every visit… My poor Dad is so patient. I’m glad I get to see them as much as I do, it gives me a better chance at being remembered by my mother.

I’ve been cooking constantly trying to keep healthy foods in the fridge. Counting calories is so different than counting carbs. I manage to stay under budget almost all the time, at least six out of seven days a week, I’m avoiding even being in the friendly “zone”, I want to be under! Cheese is a problem, I love cheese. As a matter of fact it is cheese that always does me in. Some things are ridiculous, like beef sticks – only 1 carb, but 95 calories. BellaVitano cheese 1 cubic inch is 120 calories but extremely low in carbs. Who the hell eats 1 cheese cube?! On the South Beach diet both cheese sticks and beef sticks were my ‘go to’ for low carb snacks… Not anymore.

Today I’m going to aim for a few five minute intervals on the treadmill. My body still hurts from yesterday and I’m tired. Plus I’ve been driving Amish off and on all day and have to pick them back up by three for another errands run.

Tomorrow is back to the gym!for-blog-11



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